Lighthouse Weekend Done and Dusted

Time Ball Tower 

This site was registered by Amateur Radio Victoria for the event and some of our club members participated, operating under the VK3WI call sign.  Tony Hambling VK3XV, a member of ARV, organised the equipment and site availability as well as participating in the operation.
The WANDARC members that attended were, John Forrest VK3JNF, Ian Downie VK3LA, Terry Cox VK3TEZ, Peter Haynes VK3FONZ, Dianne Haynes and Les Lockie VK3FLES.  Approximately 130 contacts were logged for the two days on 40 and 20 metres.

The Time Ball Tower with the Inverted “L” Squid Pole lashed to fence post and the top tied back to the anchor. Ian Downie, VK3LA monitoring the operation.

No access to the rest of the tower from ground level.

ARV member Tony Hambling, VK3XV at the operating position.



View of the over one metre of wall thickness at the entry to the Tower.












The Rig, an Elecraft K3 with Panadapter supplied by Tony.



Unbelievable Noise Floor of S1, excepting when the Time Ball operated and the odd Hot Rod blasted by.









Cape Schanck

This site was only attended by Andy Kayler-Thompson, VK3VKT and Robert Buchanan, VK3KIX as an evaluation visit this year using our VK3WND call sign.  Hopefully we will have a larger representation next year.

Cape Schank Light House

Station setup.

Andy’s OCF Dipole.

Local Accommodation.

The Light House Museum.

Cheers….John VK3JNF