WANDARC, (an acronym of Western And Northern Districts Amateur Radio Club), is an Amateur Radio Club which predominately serves the Western and Northern suburbs, within the vibrant city of Melbourne, Australia.

Formally established in late 2015, the Club endeavours to provide a warm, friendly and inviting environment – allowing both Members and interested individuals alike – to share and enjoy all aspects of Amateur Radio.

Individuals interested in Electronics, Computing, and of course Radio, ( along with just about anything else technical in nature ), will find like-minded people here at the Club who are also keen to share-and-compare their own ‘mad-scientist creations’ and ‘space/time bending conquests’, on a continuous and collaborative basis with you.

The Club holds regular Meetings ‘every second Friday Night’, conducts exciting Social Events, engaging Field Days, and can assist you completely in-house, ‘from-scratch-to-Shoulder-Patch’, when it comes to training and then sitting for any class of Amateur Radio Licence you desire.

Membership is open to all – and there is zero prerequisite to already hold an Amateur Radio Licence, in order to join.

Club Members can be found on an almost continuous basis, loitering about either on our local club simplex chat frequency of 145.245MHz or on our favourite 2m FM Repeater, VK3RML – located up on top of the Ferny Creek Fire Tower, ( upon the Mount Dandenong Ranges ) – on 146.700MHz

So long as you remember to use that 600kHz negative shift on TX, ( along with the necessary 91.5Hz CTCSS Tone to gain access ), why don’t you jump on in and say G’day

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Find out precisely, Who’s In Charge?

We know you’ll love us – so we’ll happily answer your next question, How Do I Join?

It had to start from somewhere – Why Do We Exist?

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