Over here in the Western and Northern Suburbs of Melbourne, ( when it comes to Amateur Radio Clubs ), there’s been a never ending vacuum of emptiness – for way too long.

Sure, there’s one or two half-hearted ‘Weekly Coffee-Clubs‘ floating about over here, but –

It simply can’t be denied that there’s been a slow unravelling, threatening the very existence of Amateur Radio over here in the West – for quite some time now.


Undeniably, the need for a Club over on this side of town, with an unwavering commitment to growth and sustainability, has been an ongoing problem.

A problem unaddressed and unresolved – until now –


Introducing WANDARC – An Amateur Radio Club with a difference.

  • No Dinner Jacket required –
  • No Stuffiness –
  • Nor do you require a Stiff Upper-Lip, or even a Monocle –

All you do need is a keen desire to help us pump some life back into Amateur Radio over here – loudly and with vigour – thus finally breaking the slumber that the Western and Northern Suburbs have been in, for decades now –


Yep, we know – This is EXCITING!

So, grab yourself a brew, pull up your favourite chair – and take your time to explore and learn a little more about us ;


Let’s get a little closer to the Core – What Are We All About?

While we’re at it, Where Are We?

Find out precisely, Who’s In Charge?

We know you’ll love us – so we’ll happily answer your next question, How Do I Join?

Go ahead OVER, ( Psssht ) – Contact Us!

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